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5 Keys to Success on Keto Diet

5 Keys to Success on Keto Diet

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Here are 5 simple rules I followed to achieve consistent weight loss while following the keto diet for months.

#1) Eat whole foods & avoid processed or packaged foods as much as possible

#2) Eat greens or fiber-rich vegetables daily

#3) Drink a lot of water, at least 64 oz. per day and up to 1 gallon

#4) Use enough salt when you cook, and make sure you eat foods high in potassium and magnesium to avoid the “keto flu” symptoms

#5) Avoid bad fats, I use coconut oil and olive oil for 90% of my cooking. When choosing meats or dairy, go with grass-fed or organic if possible.

Starting a new diet doesn’t come without hiccups. But after
6 months on the ketogenic diet, I’ve lost 30 pounds and I’m in the
best shape of my life!

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