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7 Keto Diet Hacks For Fast And Effective Weight Loss

7 Keto Diet Hacks For Fast And Effective Weight Loss

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Are you looking to lose weight more efficiently on keto diet?, 7 keto diet hacks for faster weight loss ⬇️

1. Get A Custom Keto Diet Plan.
A custom Keto diet plan is a personalized keto diet plan made specifically for you, it considers your weight, age, gender and everything about you when making the plan, though you can choose to do the work yourself by making a meal plan yourself or better still following a ready made 7 day keto meal plan, this won’t be as accurate as a custom plan plus it is time and energy consuming.

2. Have Foods High In Fat For Snacks.

when you crave to eat or you feel mild hunger pangs, snack on unsweetened dark chocolate, cheese, and nuts. these contain high amounts of fat. don’t go about eating any fruit or snack as they are high in sugar, inevitably you’ll be kicked out of ketosis.

3. Eat More Bacon And Eggs.
Bacon and eggs are cheap and equally as nutritious as other sources of fat and protein, consume more of eggs, bacon ends and pieces to reap their full value and spice up your keto life.

4. Engage In Intermittent Fasting.
On a keto diet, trying out intermittent fasting can be a great way to burn fat faster because when doing the fast, your body burns stored fat faster. intermittent fasting is not hard to do, choose the kind more suitable for your lifestyle although the 16 to 8 fast is the easiest to follow for most people.

5. Isolate Yourself From The Sight Of Foods High in Carbs.
This is more of a psychological hack to ensure you remain in ketosis, it is important you avoid places that your favorite high carb foods are popular, this will help reduce the urge to eat them, going to places these foods are very common will only torment and make you salivate. reduce the rate at which you go to those places or don’t go at all.

6. Ditch Regular Flour For Almond Flour.
You must ditch your normal flour for almond flour, regular flour are way more higher in carbs, thus easily kicking you out of ketosis, use almond flour on your fishes and meat instead.

7. Control Your Crave For Sugar With Fat Bombs.
Sugar craving is one of the main drawbacks when on keto diet, especially when it is your first time. Treat your self to nutritious and keto friendly fat bombs. you can find their recipes by just doing a simple web search.

in addition to these seven hacks, it is beneficial to add a light workout schedule to speed up the weightloss process, you can decide to work a minimum of five thousand steps a day.
these tips and hacks if followed right will definitely enhance losing of weight.


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