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Ask Peggy! – LIVE Q&A on Gut Healing Tuesday

Ask Peggy! – LIVE Q&A on Gut Healing Tuesday

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// Q U E S T I O N S answered:

Are celery juice and the right diet enough to overcome SIBO? Or are some supplements needed?

If I use banana peel on my skin, is it necessary that it be organic? 

I have a bloated tummy since I started eating more fruit, cj, hmds, & less meat. I used to eat meat 3x day along with veggies & small amnt of fruit. I had a flat tummy and now it’s bloated. any ideas

What do you recommend for a healing planters wart? My son has one that keeps returning. Currently, he is using the ionic zinc.

I’m taking b12 and zinc from supplements you recommend, but how do I know I’m not overdosing myself with these? I’ve suffered from fatty liver and have no gallbladder. I’m 50, male.

I found mold in my house. Any advice on how I can help my body? My main struggles are headache, dizziness, an itchy rash and memory problems. I drink celery juice. Take spirulina and zinc.

wisdom teeth will be extracted soon and I will be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection. Dreading this as I have been doing so well. Thoughts? Advice?

What to eat with chronic gastritis? What tea or soup should I include since winter is around the corner need warmth??

I take zinc & b12 that you recommend still have bad food sensitivities for about a year or so and kinda came out of nowhere any help would be great

How can I hire you I’ve tried on your website to contact you?

Please advise how to treat h pylori without antibiotics!

Which brand of rockrose tea should I buy for SIBO the one u refer to was unavailable and can I take it if I have hypothyroidism? And can I take oregano oil if I have hypothyroidism too?

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