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Balanced Diet Ideal for weight loss| Ketodiet and its drawbacks|Balance Diet Centre

Balanced Diet Ideal for weight loss| Ketodiet and its drawbacks|Balance Diet Centre

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what is a balanced diet?
A balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly. To get the nutrition you need, most of your daily calories should come from:
* fresh fruits
* fresh vegetables
* whole grains
* legumes
* nuts
* lean proteins
Vegetables are a key source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Eat a variety of vegetables with different colors for a full range of nutrients.
Dark, leafy greens are an excellent source of many nutrients. They include:
* spinach
* kale
* green beans
* broccoli
* collard greens
* Swiss chard
Local, seasonal vegetables are often reasonable in price and easy to prepare. Use them in the following ways:
* as a side dish
* roasted in a tray with a splash of olive oil
* as the base in soups, stews, and pasta dishes
* as a salad
* in purées
* in juices and smoothies
Refined white flour is featured in many breads and baked goods, but it has limited nutritional value. This is because much of the goodness is in the hull of the grain, or outer shell, which manufacturers remove during processing.
Whole grain products include the entire grain, including the hull. They provide additional vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Many people also find that whole grains add flavor and texture to a dish.
Try switching from white breads, pastas, and rice to whole grain options.
Meats and beans are primary sources of protein, which is essential for wound healing and muscle maintenance and development, among other functions.
Animal protein
Healthy animal-based options include:
* red meats, such as beef and mutton
* poultry, such as chicken and turkey
* fish, including salmon, sardines, and other oily fish
Processed meats and red meats may increase the risk of cancer and other diseases, according to some research
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Some processed meats also contain a lot of added preservatives and salt. Fresh, unprocessed meat is the best option.
Plant-based protein
Nuts, beans, and soy products are good sources of protein, fiber, and other nutrients.
Examples include:
* lentils
* beans
* peas
* almonds
* sunflower seeds
* walnuts
Tofu, tempeh, and other soy-based products are excellent sources of protein and are healthy alternatives to meat.







Short-term keto diet side effects include keto flu, which may cause fatigue, nausea, and dizziness, among other symptoms. Keto flu usually resolves in a few days or weeks.
In the long term, the keto diet may increase the risk of a person developing vitamin or mineral deficiencies if they do not get enough nutrients. They may also be at higher risk for conditions such as heart disease if they eat a lot of saturated fat.
People with some chronic conditions should not follow the keto diet. A person should talk to a doctor or dietitian before significantly restricting their diet in any way.

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