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Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet – Mark Sisson

Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet – Mark Sisson

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One of the benefits of ketogenic diet is that your hunger doesn’t dictate your life and your every movement.

On this episode, Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple talks about the steps you can take to achieve ketosis and enjoy its various health benefits.

Mark emphasizes that there’s no best diet or work-out. There are many of choices, depending on what you want from your life.

Key Takeaways:

When you become ketogenic, hunger doesn’t run your life or dictate your every movement.

The ketogenic diet creates ketones, which allow your body to require much less glucose and carbohydrates.

When you become ketogenic, you become better at accessing stored body fat and ketones, so you don’t need to eat as often.

The body wants to be a fat-burning machine, deriving most of its energy from stored body fat.

To become ketogenic, eliminate the sugars and sweetened beverages.

Remove processed grains, bread, pasta, and cereals from your diet to become ketogenic.

Make vegetables the basis of your diet.

Start becoming ketogenic by eliminating the clearly offensive foods and creating a list of the foods you can eat whenever you want.

A ketogenic diet is healthy and is not restrictive.

The human body is resilient, so you can try just about any diet without negatively impacting your health.


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Listen to the whole episode at https://www.thrivinglaunch.com/benefits-ketogenic-diet-mark-sisson/

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