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CAULIFLOWER RICE RECIPE: Keto Rice & Diabetic-Friendly

CAULIFLOWER RICE RECIPE: Keto Rice & Diabetic-Friendly

As a Filipino or Asian who’s heavy on rice eating, going for a healthy-diet without the rice is a struggle. I’ve had many attempts to cut down rice, and it was a struggle for me as I always looked for that grain-like texture on my meals. Not until I discovered the awesomeness of cauliflower rice when I started doing Keto diet. One thing I like about this is it has a neutral taste just like any white rice that you eat. Plus, it’s vegetable based which means it doesn’t spike your glucose compared to traditional rice. So this type of “rice” is also ideal for those who are diabetic.

Get the full list of ingredients here: http://bit.ly/KetoCauliflowerRice

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