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Come Cook With Me | Meal Prepping for Keto Macros | Sweet Potato Vs Yam?

Come Cook With Me | Meal Prepping for Keto Macros | Sweet Potato Vs Yam?

19. Come Cook With Me | Meal Prepping for Keto Macros | Sweet Potato Vs Yam?

In this video we have a little chat and I share with you first ever keto meal prep in my new home here in Alberta. Transitioning here has been a major adjustment that came with a lot of challenges BUT if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. So here’s to change in a positive direction. The type of ketogenic regime I’ll be doing is known as CYCLICAL KETO therefore, I will not be eliminating carbs completely instead I will concentrate my carb intake during designated days I refer to as carb loading days. Last time I was on keto I was losing muscle mass (I was seeing a dietitian) so I want to ensure that my muscles are preserved as I have worked incredibly hard for them. There are people in the Carnivore Diet community that would beg to differ but to each their own. I know that my body needs carbs from time to time. Remember: everyone’s different so find what works for you and make it happen!Thank you for clicking on today’s video!

Starting Weight: 282 lbs

Current Weight: 216 lbs

Current Weight Range: 216 lbs – 224 lbs

NOTE: I am now including weight range because let’s be honest our weight fluctuates. I am tired of stressing over small fluctuations in the scale and seeing others do the same. My weight fluctuates 6 – 8 lbs because of my period. I have endometriosis a condition that causes intense menstrual cramps and severe bloating. Also if you perform high intensity strength training and HIIT training your weight will fluctuate and that is okay. Let’s stop letting the scale dictate how we feel about ourselves on this weight loss journey and lets focus on the things like matter: muscle mass, fitness stamina, lose clothing, mental clarity and all the other NON SCALE VICTORIES.

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