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“Conversations With” – Jennifer Fabe. Topic: Medically Supervised Keto Diet Therapy for Epilepsy.

“Conversations With” – Jennifer Fabe. Topic: Medically Supervised Keto Diet Therapy for Epilepsy.

Jennifer Fabe, Matthews Friends Canada https://www.matthewsfriends.org & Cynthia Milburn CEO, Epilepsy South Central Ontario.

Topic Covered: Medically Supervised ketogenic Diet Therapy for Epilepsy.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan and has received graduate training in the area of nutritional neuroscience. Jennifer is now based in Ontario and is a long time practicing ketogenic registered dietitian at one of the large tertiary pediatric centers in Canada.
She has supported many endeavors throughout her career that includes: innovations of software development to support ketogenic diet therapy; research projects; innovative solutions to common challenges of ketogenic diet implementation; recipe development and training of many dietitians. As well she has been an invited speaker to many academic conferences nationally and internationally. Jennifer is dedicated to supporting the community and epilepsy organizations. She is was the recipient of Epilepsy South Central Ontario’s HOPE award.

She serves as the President of Matthew’s Friends Canada, which is a branch of the global organization of Matthew’s Friends based in the United Kingdom.
She is proud to carry the mission of Matthew’s Friends forward which is to:
1. Provide evidence-based information for medically supervised ketogenic diet therapy
2. Support families and health care professionals with information and education regarding this therapy

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