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custom keto diet | 5 Keto Meal Prep Recipes For Weight Loss

custom keto diet | 5 Keto Meal Prep Recipes For Weight Loss

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Hello, my name is MATT , KETO is a huge passion of mine and a diet that I often follow myself. About 2 years ago I discovered Ketogenic nutrition and have immersed myself – becoming obsessed with the science and physiologic mechanisms behind weight loss and weight gain, and how KETO can help in this battle. Keto was a GAME CHANGER for a carb-addict like me because as long as you stick to it – you start to feel incredible, your cravings are almost non-existent, you’re full and satiated most of the time, food stops controlling your life – and weight loss is a nice perk that comes along with it. There is a lot that goes into this diet and there are a lot of side effects that can occur if you’re not careful. This diet is NOT for everyone, but it might just be the diet that you’ve been looking for to finally lose the weight. I use the term diet, but it is really a lifestyle
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