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How a professor lost 100 lbs on the scientific keto diet

How a professor lost 100 lbs on the scientific keto diet

Trying to lose weight quickly? There is a right, safe way to do it…. Watch this video to learn about one of the most effective rapid weight loss methods today. There’s nothing for sale here, just science education and real results. Scientist/professor Ben Alonzo shares his 100-pound weight loss results, how he did it, no pills, no expensive food, no surgery, just hard work through the proven keto diet. Not very many people know about this diet because you won’t see any paid advertisements for it on television. Scientists have known about this diet for some time. You get results. He went from above 300 to less than 200 lbs in less than 10 months. He continues to lose weight and regularly exercise now. It was challenging, a test of strength, there were times of cheating, failure, but the end results were worth it and changed his life. Eat right, watch what you drink, and regular exercise makes a huge difference. He’s down 10 waist sizes and is now athletic. He loves going to the gym and sharing tips with others on how they can become healthier.

There’s a growing amount of science that says the keto diet is an effective way to rapidly lose weight. No BS weight program, fake pills, expensive diets, or dangerous surgeries. When done safely, the keto diet works. As always, you should work with a physician to ensure your diet works for you, especially if you have preexisting conditions. It’s worth losing the weight and becoming a healthier person. Your body will thank you.

Great things happen when you apply science in your life. Check out this video to learn about obesity and a proven keto diet with healthy exercises that will maximize your weight loss. Ketosis is a scientific state of energy utilization with the help of your liver. It required a specific diet that can be done even if you’re surrounded by junk food. You have to modify what you eat, but this is very practical. See the results for yourself! Watch!

Remember that once you reach your goal weight you should continue to 1. eat right, 2. watch what you drink, 3. get regular exercise. Be safe with your diet, work with a physician, do research on health science choices that can improve your life. Not only is it a challenge to lose weight, you need to stick with it and keep the weight off. Ben continues to regularly diet and exercise to ensure the results are permanent. He’s kept the weight off and shares tips on how you can as well.

Don’t give up! That’s tough to do in a country that promotes unhealthy living, junk food, overeating, and lack of physical activity. Look to credible science educators that lead by example to give you guidance on how to meet your challenges with science! Like, share and comment your weight loss goals and challenges.

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