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How I Got My Period Back After 6 Years | Kate on Keto

How I Got My Period Back After 6 Years | Kate on Keto

Looking for natural ways to get your period back? Watch our very own Kate Geller vlogging about her success story.
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Those that have adopted the ketogenic lifestyle have many answers to the question “why are you doing keto?”. But ladies asking themselves “how to get my period back?”, don’t necessarily think about the keto diet as a solution to this issue or don’t see any connection between PCOS and keto.

Many have been wondering can keto help you get pregnant, or about period and weight gain, or less periods flow and weight gain, and approached the diet from those angles.

But this is a personal story about “How I got my period after 6 years”.

This is also a keto diet before and after video. It’s also about keto products that work and how the Kiss My Keto diet company can impact someone’s lifestyle. Our goal is to produce and provide the best keto diet products out there, because we know what they can mean to our customers.

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