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How To Break Your Weight Loss Plateau On a Keto Diet

How To Break Your Weight Loss Plateau On a Keto Diet

Hey guys,

It’s Prannoy, your health coach back with another video and today I want to talk to about breaking your weight loss plateau on a ketogenic diet.

A ketogenic diet especially one that is done correctly – eliminating all added refined and artificial sugars and sweeteners, vegetable oils and keeping your carbs low can really heal your body, normalize your hormones and help you lose weight.

But there comes a point where it’s possible for people to get obsessed with fat – adding lots of MCT oil to beverages, adding tons of butter to coffee and eating lots of foods that are higher in fats and carbs causing you to eat at maintenance instead of a deficit.

A method to counter this is to boost your protein and fibre intake. This basically means eating more meat (steak, lamb, ground beef or bacon/eggs) with your favorite side of vegetables. Protein and Fibre are very satiating and can help you feel full quicker while making you consume a fewer amount of calories.

Also cutting back on nuts and diary especially cheese can go a long way in cutting back on calories. These foods are not only high in fat but can be very addictive without satiating you. It’s very easy to binge on a big bag of nuts or on multiple slices of cheese without necessary feeling full. This is because they lack fibre and protein.

You might also want to lower your intake of fruit especially one’s having a high glycemic load (bananas, apples) if you are insulin resistant or having a high blood sugar. Having high blood sugars and insulin levels can make it hard to lose weight.

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