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How to Get Back to Normal Eating After Dieting – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

How to Get Back to Normal Eating After Dieting – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Are we able to get back to normal eating after dieting and achieving our goal weight? This is a question that I hear often. This question assumes that normal foods that you were eating before your diet were healthy and that what you are eating on your diet, not healthy.

I do understand this mentality since often, people were going on extreme diets to lose weight. If you are eating foods you dislike and not eating enough to fuel your day, you will be looking forward to resuming your normal eating.

Unfortunatey, when you resume eating normally, you will also resume gaining weight. And yet, we will eventually settle down into normal eating. What does that mean for our weight?

It really does matter, how we talk to ourselves. When we define normal as what others do, we lust after their lives. When we define normal as what we do, we realize that we are already eating normally. Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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00:00 Intro
01:06 Why Do You Begin a New Diet?
01:50 Assumption: Keto is Not Sustainable
03:22 Are Carbohydrates Truly Necessary?
04:24 How the Body Actually Manages Carbohydrates
07:35 Are You Truly Committed to Better Health?
09:04 Normal Eating is Determined by the Diet You Currently Eat
10:57 Outro

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