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Keto Bread | The Only Keto Bread Recipe You’ll Ever Need (FINALLY… The Perfect Keto Bread!)

Keto Bread | The Only Keto Bread Recipe You’ll Ever Need (FINALLY… The Perfect Keto Bread!)

This is hands down the best keto bread I’ve ever eaten. Ever since we started the keto diet in early 2017, I have been playing around with bread recipes. I’ve created a few great keto breads… but this one is the clear winner.

The challenge with keto bread is that when they taste good and the texture is right…they don’t want to hold together. So, I was brainstorming with Jeremy (we often throw ideas back and forth…there’s magic in speaking out loud!)… I said “I need something stretchy, like gluten is in regular bread, to hold it together” and then said…. hmmmm…. what about mozzerella cheese! He looked at me skeptically… which is like issuing me a personal challenge…;-P I decided to start experimenting the next day.

I took my most recent keto bun recipe and modified it a few different ways… a few batches later I ended up with the result you see here. A crusty loaf of bread that holds together and is perfect for sandwiches. I made it again and this time made keto hamburger buns.

See my blog post for tips, tricks and updates as I continue to experiment with this dough. I didn’t want to wait very long to get this keto bread recipe out to YOU. Please share this keto bread recipe!
Q&A for this Keto Bread
Q: Does this toast well?

Q: Can I make grilled cheese with this?
A: Yep!! Cook on a lower heat than normal as the almond flour will brown quickly

This is a cheese-based bread that took me 2 1/2 years to get just right. There’s a few things you’ll want to do to make sure YOUR version doesn’t come out eggy.

1 ▶ Use WHOLE Milk Mozzarella. NOT the part skim mozzarella. Sam’s club carries a pre-shredded whole milk mozzarella in a red bag. This is the one we’ve used.

2 ▶ Don’t skip the step where you whip the gelatin into the egg. This is magic for this keto bread…IT WILL make a difference in your finished results. 🙂

3 ▶ Allow the keto bread to cool for at least an hour before removing it from the pan. It’s made of cheese! So if you remove it to fast, it will collapse on you. Place your pan on a cooling rack or if you have a gas stovetop, on top of the grates for faster cooling. If you live in a hot environment you may need to cool it for an hour and then pop it in the fridge for awhile to help it set up.

Here’s the link to the printable keto bread recipe & nutrition facts & more info:


Ingredients you’ll need to bake up this 🍞Keto Bread Recipe:

Gelatin (very important!)

Almond Flour

Coconut Flour

You’ll also need baking powder, eggs, cream cheese and whole milk mozzarella cheese.

This keto bread will keep weeks in the fridge or months in the freezer 🙂

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Note: This is a grain free bread and a gluten free bread.

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