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KETO / Carnivore Meal Prep // Day 1 Carnivore Results: I lost 80 pounds!

KETO / Carnivore Meal Prep // Day 1 Carnivore Results: I lost 80 pounds!

Carnivore / Zero Carb / Keto meal prep for me and the man of the house is on! 8 ounces of prime chuck burger with Tillamook cheddar and hot sauce. My side is 2 hardboiled eggs, he I having all of that plus another block of cheddar, mashed cauli, olives, etc.

I also *officially* hit 80 pounds lost this morning and am feeling great! Let’s hope this continues on for the rest of this 7 day trial of the carnivore diet.

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments. I’m always happy to help!

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I’m Stani — a currently 29 year old Slavic Ice Princess on a health and fitness journey. I’m using a ketogenic diet to lose weight and have fallen head over heals in love with the lifestyle and want to help others learn how to find a sustainable way to live on the keto diet. I also am passionate about weight lifting and am learning to love cardio. I post videos about how to eat keto, cook keto, live keto, workout while keto. Live your life. Weight loss is hard enough without forcing things. You do not need to starve, or workout 24/7, to get results. You just need to be consistent. Day in and day out.

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