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Keto Diet – Amazing Results In One Week!

Keto Diet – Amazing Results In One Week!

Hey friends! I’ve been on a ketogenic diet for the last 8 days and I’ve had some incredible results in a short amount of time.

Have you ever gone on a keto diet? I would love to hear your experience, good or bad. I realize that this way of eating isn’t for everyone.
This is a temporary healing diet for me but I’m so happy about the results so far.

Here are the benefits I’ve experienced in only a week:

– bloating is GONE
– constipation is GONE (I was a constipated vegan for years and even up until trying this way of eating).
– gut pains are GONE
– sugar cravings GONE (pretty good for a sugar addict lol)
– Weight loss (I wasn’t doing this for weight loss but am a bit leaner even though I’m eating lots of food and of course TONES of fat).

Recipe for the Keto Chocolate Thick Shake: http://sweetlyraw.com/chocolate-thick-shake-the-best-green-dip/

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