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Keto Diet For Beginners: 21 Day Challenge Day 1

Keto Diet For Beginners: 21 Day Challenge Day 1

Are you ready for a LASTING change? Overwhelmed by different options? Curious about a keto or low-carb lifestyle? Confused by mixed messages about what types of food are healthy? Tired of fad diets or products that overpromise and underdeliver? DONE with yo-yo dieting? Wanting a sustainable and enjoyable healthy lifestyle? Afraid that you don’t have the time, money, and energy for extensive and expensive meal prepping and gym memberships? Exhausted, overweight, or just downright discouraged? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

The KETO-SIStas understand, and we can help. THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU TO BEGIN YOUR PATH TO BETTER! We take the guesswork out of it and can set you on your journey toward BETTER. No complicated meal prep, products, or strenuous workouts required! Note: this is a SUPPORTIVE and INFORMATIVE environment, and intolerance or rudeness will not be permitted.

Fine Print: Nothing on this Channel, in our Facebook groups and pages, or in any of our content in any forum or format should be construed as medical, nutritional, financial, legal, supplementation, or health advice or claims. Any information provided therein is for illustrative/opinion purposes only based on our experience in exploring different resources and strategies for our own life, and no results presented or suggested should be considered guaranteed or even typical. Participants agree to consult their medical professional before starting any diet, exercise, fasting, nutrition, supplementation, or health/lifestyle regimen. Participation is at one’s own risk, and participants agree to hold us, the Admins/Moderators, and other participants harmless for anything arising out of this group. Rebecca and Bridgette are Independent Promoters with Prüvit and respect the businesses built by other Promoters. Any other Promoters not on their BETTER TOGETHER team (as well as any customers of any Promoters not on that team) are respectfully requested to leave our “world.” Moreover, nothing therein should be taken as any claim or guarantee of income, bonuses, or free product. Results of promoting or sharing the ketone conversation depend upon individual effort. Participants further acknowledge that the content presented (including any compilation of information and the membership roster itself) may constitute a significant asset of the admins and should be protected as such. Participants agree to properly attribute any information posted (such as recipes/articles) and to respect copyright and other intellectual property laws. Admins/Moderators may be compensated for purchases made of products or services they recommend, including through Prüvit as well as affiliate advertising programs with Amazon and other companies. You may assume links to such recommended products/services may be affiliate links. Purchase of any recommended products or services is at participants’ own discretion.

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