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Keto Diet Pasteles en Hojas “Masa” Dough | Caribbean Pastelles | Keto Frozen Meals | Keto Meal Prep

Keto Diet Pasteles en Hojas “Masa” Dough | Caribbean Pastelles | Keto Frozen Meals | Keto Meal Prep

Pasteles en Hojas are a traditional cultural dish in several Latin American countries. In Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Panama, it is similar to a Mexican tamale. Often made in large quantities to last the entire holiday season, I have more recipes coming soon so subscribe if your new to this channel!

These are an alternative for keto diet / lifestyle foodies who enjoy trying new & somewhat challenging recipes, This is not fast or easy to make so if your up for the task this is for you! Some people are very nitpicky when it comes to food either its how i prepare it, how difficult or how it’s not made their way, How ever you like your food you should be able to make it, at the end of the day it still has to taste good so either you like it, or don’t keep it moving. These pasteles are not traditional meaning they resemble the original ones not made with the same high carb filling that I’m sure many of us miss on this diet, Let me know in the comments what toppings you like to add if you grew up on Pasteles. Try my Keto Ketchup, (Ketchup or Hot sauce is what it’s normally eaten with.) and a salad, or Serve it with a Salvadoran / Venezuelan twist, a side of Curtido (a lightly fermented cabbage slaw), If you love Mexican food try Pico de gallo or green tomatillo salsa with queso fresco, These are just a few examples of toppings and sides you can Mix & Match before hand, or keep it simple, Have it your way. Thanks for visiting my channel!


What I used on this video & alternatives.

Nonstick Wok – https://goo.gl/5tp9QU
Annatto Seeds – https://goo.gl/zMJkek
Avocado Oil – https://goo.gl/j8n9wG
Silicone Turner – https://goo.gl/5UVf1e
Spatula Set – https://goo.gl/JfHZvW
Mini Glass Chopper – https://goo.gl/dM1idg
Measuring Cups and Spoons – https://goo.gl/5KCehM
Electric Grater (Perfect for holidays, parties & families.) – https://goo.gl/tvxq5w
Blender (Alternative) – https://goo.gl/VcGV5j
Blender I Used – https://goo.gl/wBNHhX
Long Spatula for Blender – https://goo.gl/TWsWM2
Food Processor – https://goo.gl/mrezTr
Knife – https://goo.gl/nyhVSD
Cutting Board – https://goo.gl/RZCV6X
Peeler – https://goo.gl/7yDoYW
Scale – https://goo.gl/Yo2Jxf
Glass Mixing & Storage Bowl Set – https://goo.gl/U7X2VJ
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set – https://goo.gl/nJLFzX
Whisk – https://goo.gl/TGEXwe
Kitchen Shears – https://goo.gl/JEX5iv
Pre Cut Parchment & String Set – https://goo.gl/oLuevo
Kitchen Twine – https://goo.gl/ja1p33
Parchment Paper Boil Safe (Cut 12 x 18 in.) – https://goo.gl/evGCjb
Mini Bowls – https://goo.gl/5reCQs
Camera – https://goo.gl/6AkDVF


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