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Keto Diet Results Week 1 | Weightloss Update for Keto Challenge

Keto Diet Results Week 1 | Weightloss Update for Keto Challenge

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Last week I started on the Keto Diet in hopes of taking control of my health and getting my weight down.

My workweek started off a bit rocky…I found that I fasted too long on Sunday going into Monday because #1, I wasn’t hungry, and #2, I wasn’t paying attention to the time…

I can say that the keto flu hit me like a ton of bricks on day 5. I wasn’t hungry that day but I did have a weird floating feeling. It was almost like I was dizzy but the room wasn’t spinning. It’s difficult to explain if you haven’t experienced it…lightheaded maybe?

I wound up stopping at McDonalds because I was running late and couldn’t make breakfast. I usually do not eat there but I had to grab something quick. I got two eggs patties and 2 sausage patties. It was decent; the sausage patties had about 2 carbs each and the eggs had zero. I definitely do not recommend eating at McDonalds every morning but it works when you’re in a tight spot.

Days 5 and 6; my energy was low. I was able to get my work done as normal but I had no desire to go above and beyond when it came to moving around. So obviously I did not go to the gym.

I don’t feel bad about not going either. I listened to my body. I don’t want to injure myself, I would rather focus on my diet right now because that is the hardest part.

You can work out all day, everyday, but if you eat 10 pizzas daily you are defeating the purpose of exercise.

For the days that I was fatigued I went to bed, I want to say around 7 or 8 and slept up until it was time to get ready for work.

No regrets!

The girl at the doctor’s office said she could tell the difference…but I think she was just pumping my head up.

With no further ado…here is my keto weighloss results for week 1!

9 pounds down!

I know they said you can lose up to 10 pounds the first week of keto but I didn’t really believe it. I think a lot of it was water weight because a lot of my swelling went down.

My rings fit better and my shoes aren’t as tight. Leave me a comment if you also measure the amount of water retention in your body this way.
I know women experience this way more than men…and I bloat like a hot air balloon on a humid day in Texas.

But whether it’s water weight or regular weight, the scale moved in the direction that I want so I’m happy about that!

Some things that I do want to work on this week:
– Increasing my water intake: I am drinking water but it is not even close to what it should be
– Working out: putting in cardio since the keto flu has passed
– Meal prepping a lot better – time management

Overall, I am proud of myself. Mentally, my mood has elevated and I feel a whole lot happier than when I started. I am motivated!

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