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Ketogenic Diet for Beginners FAQ – Q&A with Leanne Vogel

Ketogenic Diet for Beginners FAQ – Q&A with Leanne Vogel

We had a great Facebook LIVE Q&A session with nutrition educator and keto expert Leanne Vogel from Healthful Pursuit to answer the beginners questions about Ketogenic Diet.

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Check this timeline for Q&A of the live and pre-submitted questions

1:55 Difference between Ketogenic Diet and regular Low Carb Diet

2:45 I’m so overwhelmed by the information, how do I get started?
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5:32 Do I need to weigh my food in order to be successful with Keto Diet?

6:26 Is it really important to count calories and fat as long as you stay under 20g carbs?

8:38 How impactful is drinking (0 carb liquor) if you’re trying to lose weight?

10:15 What will happen if you don’t eat enough fat?

10:53 What is a good way to add fat without going over the protein?

11:07 How many meals should I eat in a day?

12:20 Do you have meal plans that beginners can use? I’m horrible at meal planning or figuring out the right stuff to eat!

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13:44 How often can you have berries?

14:17 What are some good ways to add healthy fats into your diet when you are allergic to coconut oil?

14:46 Can you have soy source on keto?

15:05 Are exogenous ketones really necessary? Or is it better to allow your body to convert ketones on its own via MCT oil, or coconut oil etc?

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17:54 Who is Keto good for?

18:45 Is ketosis safe for your body? How long should a person follow a “keto diet” for?

20:15 Is the Ketogenic diet okay for type 1 diabetics – if so where do I start?

20:46 Does the high fat part of keto clog your arteries?

23:23 How does eating a more plant based nutrition plan effect the 20g of carbs? Is it possible to have higher carbs and still stay in Ketosis?

24:15 Are sugar alcohols bad for you?

24:49 I’m a huge fan of fresh fruit! Is fruit totally off limits? If not, what fruits are allowed and which fruits are the worst to be avoided at all costs? What can I replace my fruits with?

25:34 Is it possible to meet daily nutritional requirements as a ketogenic vegetarian? And if so, what things to look out for specifically?

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26:15 What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting combined with ketogenic WOE?

27:26 Is it normal to feel nauseous and not have much of an appetite towards the end of the first week of being on keto?

28:12 What is the best ways to bust a plateau?

Thank you Leanne for doing this live event! Make sure you head over to http://healthfulpursuit.com/ to learn more about Leanne and her amazing works!

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