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Ketogenic Diet in a nutshell – a 3D Reference Diagram

Ketogenic Diet in a nutshell – a 3D Reference Diagram

Created by Christian Peritore

Based on the research and works of Dr. Eric Berg, https://www.youtube.com/user/drericberg123

I put this together really just to help simplify the diet for a couple people doing it with me. But as I mention herein, Dr. Berg has 2000-3000 videos that go into the greatest detail of every aspect of diet, nutrition and many other health topics, that I had no intention to cover in this hugely oversimplified video. And they’re awesome. Finally, someone who understands the human body, and that’s Dr. Berg.

I wish I had this info 30 years ago.

Still, it gave me a chance to noodle with some glass texture techniques in Blender 2.83 and snap out another quick but nice-looking video. I like how it came out, anyway. An elegant, if lesser contrast, color scheme and design.

The important part to remember, is that the Keto “diet” is not just a diet of counting calories, but a change of lifestyle where all 5 essential components (namely Diet, Fasting, Rest, Exercise and Stress Management) all work together, hand-in-hand to offer a chance for the body to actually lose weight and become more healthy.

I also like Ozone therapy, but that’s a video for another day.

Enjoy. Refer back. Be well.

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