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KETOGENIC DIET.. VEGAN??  Keto Adaptation makes OMAD, Amen Protocol, and Intermittent Fasting Easier

KETOGENIC DIET.. VEGAN?? Keto Adaptation makes OMAD, Amen Protocol, and Intermittent Fasting Easier

Synergy of tactics that helped me adapt to fasting and adherence to the AMEN PROTOCOL.
Understanding and adapting to my body to ketosis has been a huge help in my journey. Learning how to do it Vegan has taken a substantial amount of research and experimentation.
There is ALOT to learn if you intend to adopt any of these protocols in a longterm and vitalizing way. Using the proper fatty acids is vital. Supplementation is vital. The right fats are Profoundly Anti inflammatory, increasing metabolic efficiency and cellular communication. Inflammation = pain = Depression = weak immune system. Animal Fats and proteins are a largely inflammatory. Fresh Plant sourced oils and seeds are where its at. Combining Curcumin (Turmeric potentiated with black pepper) with Alpha Linolenic Acids ALA (OMEGA 3 From plants) increases conversion to DHA. DHA is Most abundantly in your Brain and Eyes. DHA has been demonstrated to increase IQ, enhance cognitive function, increase cellular communication/energetic efficiency, reduce inflammation and attenuate anxiety and depression. The levels of these compounds build up in the body gradually and the beneficial effects increase in tandem. The fatty acids you compose your diet of will gradually take the place of the less ideal fatty acids that compose your cellular membranes, but it takes time. For this reason Consistency is key!

Fasting = MAJOR BOOST TO Growth hormone!!!

MODERATE PROTEIN. High protein = acid = inflammatory. DHA is what your brain and Eyes are made of. Use curcumin or polyphenol rich foods the potentiate the conversion of ALA to EPA and DHA.

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