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Ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting

Ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting

In this Integrative Sciences HUB module we will talk about intermittent fasting and we will look at how to change from anabolic to katabolic pathway or, in other words, from a sugar-only to a fats metabolism, how to introduce a ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting.

This video is a free excerpt from: https://www.realwayoflife.com/en/nutrition/

* Anabolism is inflammatory process while Katabolism is an anti-inflammatory process
* The strategies to shift from anabolism to katabolism and reap all the advantages
* Fats: energy for mind and body
* Fats katabolism
* Not everything we eat is the same: carbohydrates, proteins and fats all activate different metabolic pathways.
* How to adopt a ketogenic diet
* How to start intermittent fasting
* Ketone advantages

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