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Personal Trainer Jason Wittrock on “Nutrition, Intermittent Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet”

Personal Trainer Jason Wittrock on “Nutrition, Intermittent Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet”

Welcome back to the Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning podcast, episode #94 with personal trainer and fitness model, Jason Wittrock.

To learn more about Jason Wittrock, visit his YouTube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOfJHaFLpfbi87xPoAa_NbQ

To learn more about the Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast, visit us here https://www.achieveit360.com/episodes/

My name is Andrea Samadi,  and if you are new here, I’m a former educator who created this podcast to bring the most current neuroscience research, along with high performing experts who have risen to the top of their field, with specific strategies or ideas that you can implement immediately, whether you are an educator, or in the corporate space, to take your results to the next level. If we want to improve our social, emotional and cognitive abilities, it all starts with an understanding of our brain.

I first found our next guest, Jason Wittrock late 2016/ 2017 when I was searching for answers with my diet. I was at a crossroads with my health, and knew I needed to do some things differently, I just didn’t know exactly what to do, and I had heard some friends in some of my online groups talking about how they were drinking keto coffee, and experiencing health benefits, like increased energy and weight loss. So I went to YouTube, and typed in “how to make keto coffee” and Jason Wittrock’s video came up called “Keto Coffee” and my journey began here, taking my health to a whole new level, and have never looked back. I’m sure there are thousands of stories just like mine.

Welcome Jason, thank you so much for your time today to come on the podcast and share what you have been doing with your YouTube videos, inspiring people around the world with their health, nutrition and lifestyle for years.

Jason, I’ve got to tell you this. Back when I first found your videos, I saw something different with what you were doing. This was the beginning of my health journey, but it did stick, and here we are all these years later speaking.

There’s a few things that I wanted to tell you that stuck out to me, looking back, about why I think the results stuck and it’s that you really come across that you want to help people. You said quite a few times on your videos, as you spoke 100 miles an hour about what you were doing, the products you were using and why, you said “hey, I’m just trying to help” and it really did come across that you were, so I listened. You said “look, some guy just did this diet for 45 days, that’s awesome, make it a lifestyle” so I did, and pretty sure I posted a million times on my social media about how much I was loving keto coffee, and your fat bombs (those were awesome)! I’m just one person, so can just image the ripple effect of your work. Way to go and thank you for what you are doing.

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