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Setting your MACROS for the Keto Diet – Keto Diet Tips

Setting your MACROS for the Keto Diet – Keto Diet Tips

Getting started with keto can be a bit confusing. People talk about these “macros” – fats, protein and carbs! Ok- so you understand those are the foods you are going to be consuming. BUT HOW MUCH OF EACH? Check out as I walk you step by step through setting up your Macros. Next steps after with using a tracker! And hitting the ground running with Keto.

Keto Calculator – https://ketodietapp.com/Blog/page/Ket

Once you have calculated your MACROS using the steps above check out this video to explain how to add your custom numbers to Carb Manager – it’s the app I like to use the most for tracking my intake with the Keto Diet. https://youtu.be/4Q3aVV8V65E

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