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The Top Secret That The Keto Diet Gurus Won’t Tell You

The Top Secret That The Keto Diet Gurus Won’t Tell You

My 75 year old mum wanted to share her story about her amazing transformation this last 6 months. After suffering all her life with weight and body confidence issues, she has finally found something that has worked wonders for her, exogenoeus ketones, not the keto diet. Being in full Ketosis but not by the Keto diet.

An hour before this video was taken, there were lots of tears. I asked mum how she had felt before this transformation and it was too much… it was a real trigger of many years of pent up emotion. She realised how much of her life has been wasted worrying about body confidence, weight loss, fat loss and what other people think, never mind what she thought about herself. It was a real moment and not one I will forget easily. I could see how this had affected her mental health over the years.

I am so pleased that I have got into the health world and healthy lifestyle, over the last ten years and due to my connections, I had my eyes opened to see the amazing results of these pure therapeutic ketones. Despite my sceptiscm at first (am a very natural kinda of girl) I do pride myself on being open minded and always willing to learn, so decided to give the ketones a go. Thank goodness I did. Its been fabulous seeing this change in my mum and since this video was taken, she has more weight loss and fat loss to the point of saying, I think I am at my goal weight now. Wow, after having numerous conversations on ‘how to lose this belly fat’, to hear her say ‘ I feel fantastic as I am at this weight’, well it was amazing.

I don’t think she actually realises how powerful those words are. Practically every conversation I have had with my mum over the years has revolved around health food, calorie counting, weight watchers, slimming world and numerous other diets and how she is starting again on … you have guessed it … Monday!!!

Her wardrobe now fits her (in fact she is taking skirts up and having to do alterations as things are too big). Dresses and skirts that have been hanging in her wardrobe for years, now fit. Those items that you keep, just in case you go down two sizes.. those items that you think you will never wear again.

Its been life changing. So if you feel stuck, have no energy, need more motivation, more focus, more clarity want better sleep, better skin, better muscle preservation and overall better fat loss… well take a chance on yourself and try the Ketone 10 day challenge. Absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain:

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