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Top 5 WORST Things About The Keto Diet

Top 5 WORST Things About The Keto Diet

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Here are the Top 5 worst things when it comes to a keto diet:

#1 – Eating The Wrong, Unhealthy Fats

While the upside of this plan is the increased fat intake, the downside is that many people actually end up eating a lot of highly saturated animal fats or dairy-based fat, like cheese.

This fact alone gives keto a bad rep – because if you’re only eating the low quality, toxin-filled, processed fat sources, it’ll be extremely difficult to reach the most optimal state of health. I say everything in moderation.

Bottom line: if you’re using a lot of animal-based foods for fats and proteins, try to make them organic and well-sourced whenever possible OR buy extremely lean cuts of meat that don’t have a lot of fat so that way you can add fats from avocado or coconut oil – you’ll have more control over getting the most high-quality fats this way.

#2 – The “Keto Flu”

Most people who’ve tried conventional keto diets know that the first few days can be a little rough. As the body is transitioning into burning fat for fuel instead of carbs, there are common side effects including fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness, and poor sleep, all resulting from an extreme restriction of carbohydrates… While these symptoms usually subside after the body adjusts to relying on fat for fuel, it can take anywhere from a few days to a week

#3 – Constipation

Though this diet can be high in heart-healthy fats (depending on the ones you choose), it’s often low in fiber. This is because most keto diets deemphasize eating fruits and vegetables due to their carb content, however, this means you are not getting the necessary intake of fiber to keep you regular.

#4 – Micronutrient Deficiencies

This ties right back into the fact that conventional keto diets shy away from including plant-based foods that are rich in micronutrients as part of the diet plan… This to me is the biggest flaw with most keto diets I see! Without micronutrients, sure – we can lose weight, but I promise you, you won’t be at optimal health.

#5 – Impossible To Stick To Keto For The Long-term

It can be quite difficult to follow. It’s really difficult, even for an expert like me to live my life and follow a plan that’s 70 to 80 percent fat, 10 percent carb, and 15 percent protein, as every single meal (for the most part) has to be planned and calculated. For most people this will be the hardest part…

But that’s why I’ve tailored my KETOX course to teach you how to use carbs to your advantage after you’ve become fat adapted so that way you can sustain the results you get from a keto diet and still integrate carbs into your lifestyle.

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