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Week 13 Update/ No Excuses, New Attitude and Measurements

Week 13 Update/ No Excuses, New Attitude and Measurements

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I can’t believe that we are in week 13 and things are all crazy. You would think that with 3 plus years of Keto I would have this all figured out, but I don’t. It is still a learning process, and loving every moment of it.

I am embracing life as it comes at me and trying to stay positive and take all these changes with grace. And even though I was concerned with taking my measurements, I still did them. Let’s see what happened this week and see how I am handling it…

Time Stamps:
Intro- 0:00- 2:30
Day of Eating- 2:31- 6:08
Weigh in- 6:09- 8:17
Measurements- 8:18- 9:54
Thoughts on what’s going on- 9:55- 16:30
Altro- 16:31-17:38

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