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Weight Loss through LCHF Webinar, 30 May 2020

Weight Loss through LCHF Webinar, 30 May 2020

Weight Loss and Health Gain (The LCHF Lifestyle) Program

Explore full details here: https://yellowsquash.in/programs/weight-loss-with-lchf-keto/

Who should do it?
👉 People who want to reduce weight in a safe, measurable way with Indian foods
👉 People who wish to control/ manage their blood sugar levels and tackle diabetes
👉 Those looking for relief in chronic conditions such as abdominal obesity, diabetes etc.
👉 People who wish to feel happier, healthier, livelier, and more energetic
👉 People who do not wish to blindly follow a dietary advice, because trust us, it doesn’t work!
👉 People who wish to gain from loads of reference material and most importantly free Indian recipes
👉 People who wish to explore the benefits of LCHF and/ or KETO diet in an Indian way

Program Facilitator – Satyajit Dash (Indian LCHF Expert)
Satyajit is a certified Sports nutritionist from ISSA, USA, with a specialisation in Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) way of eating lifestyle. He has over 22 years of Corporate experience and came into the wellness space to come over his personal health challenges. He has worked with over 600 clients in India and abroad. He regularly conducts wellness sessions for different corporates in Delhi NCR. With his continuous reading & researches, he writes on various health & nutrition related articles in various health websites.

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