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What’s the Scientific Evidence for a Ketogenic Diet?  The Answer is Right Here

What’s the Scientific Evidence for a Ketogenic Diet? The Answer is Right Here

Travis Statham is a great friend and a fantastic carnivore resource! Not only is he a moderator for countless sub reddits, including r/zerocarb, but he is the curator of one of the largest public collections of scientific studies on the keto/carnivore life. For all my viewers following or thinking about the keto or carnivore diet, check out this resource to educate yourself on the benefits of eating this way. Don’t just take our word for it, look up the studies, read for yourself what thousands of scientists have observed.

Travis and I spend this video walking you through Reddit, then through the database itself. We also talk about how to look at a study and interpret its results. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more content focused on the science.

You can find Travis on his website, https://www.carniway.nyc/, on Twitter @Travis_Statham, on Reddit u/dem0n0cracy, and on Instagram @carniway.

If you already have a reddit account and know how to navigate the platform, then you can skip to 15:37 where we start talking about r/ketoscience specifically.

Link to the ketoscience subreddit

Databases to look for studies:

Carnivore study at Harvard

The Fat of the Land

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