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You’re Going to Become Insulin Resistant on a Keto Diet – Dr. Brett Osborn

You’re Going to Become Insulin Resistant on a Keto Diet – Dr. Brett Osborn

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James Grage: Ketones. They fuel your brain but they also fuel your nervous system too, correct?

Dr. Brett Osborn: Ya.

James: So since a lot of strength is neural strength, being on a ketogenic diet might actually help you.

Dr. O: As you know, these powerlifters say, “I did it all on this ketogenic diet!” They don’t realize it’s a different energy system. All you gotta do is just take a lot of creatine before and that’s gonna maximize or optimize that technique. That’s the phosphocreatine system. That’s two seconds. It has nothing to do with glucose or glycolysis or any of that stuff. There’s a big difference between correlation and causality. They’ve assumed causality – that they were able to get to that point by virtue of the fact that they’ve been on a ketogenic diet when in actuality it doesn’t have anything to do with it. It works! In other words you can be a powerlifter on a ketogenic diet. Can you be a big bodybuilder? No. It’s not gonna happen.

James: So carb cycling. That’s another big trend. Whitney and I have both done carb cycling – so periods of very low carb and then periods of moderate carb. When it comes to insulin sensitivity, one of the potential down sides of the ketogenic diet is developing issues with insulin sensitivity.

Dr. O: Right, even though that’s paradoxical. People think you’re going to be very, very insulin sensitive because all your insulin receptors are gonna be up regulated because there’s no insulin floating around. In actuality what ends up happening is that your body sort of loses the ability to even utilize insulin because you’re not using glucose as an energy source.

James: It’s gotten lazy!

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