🍖 Low Effort Smoked Beef Brisket Flat Using Keto Friendly Rub 🍖

Now, this isn’t a smoking meat channel, but keto sure does partner well with grilling and smoking. If you watched my tallow rendering video, you had to have known that I’d be doing something with the brisket — and here it is: a low effort smoked flat. As basic as this particular approach is, the flavor is still fantastic.

I don’t have a printable recipe with macros for this one, as cooking time will vary based on the size of your brisket. Here is a summary of my recommendations, though:
– Before smoking, “notch” a corner of your brisket so that you can see which way the grain is running.
– Smoke your brisket at a temp between 225F and 250F until it reaches an internal temperature of 205F.
– Expect the cooking time to be between 1 hour and 1.25 hours per pound of brisket.
– Smoke with a strong flavored wood – hickory or mesquite are both good choices.
– I smoke with the fat cap facing up.
– Expect the cooking temp to stall somewhere between 150F and 180F. You can either wait it out, or wrap the brisket in foil to push it out of the plateau.
– I typically remove the brisket from the smoker at around 200F, wrap it in a towel (or foil, then a towel) and put it in a “cooler” for at least 30 minutes. You definitely want to let the brisket rest for this period and the “carry-over cooking” should bring the temp up to 205F.
– Slice the brisket perpendicular (or against) the grain of the meat for the most tender, fall apart slices.

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