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5 Key Reasons Many Choose To Own, Instead Of Rent!

Although, we each need, a so – called, place, to, hang – our – hats, and call our home, there are various options, and alternatives, in terms of how one chooses, whether he should, continue renting, or purchase, and own, a house – of – his – own! While, financial considerations, etc, are obvious factors, this article will, emphasize, 5 other, key factors, involved, and related, to why many choose to buy, rather than, rent! Remember, however, that each of us, have certain personal priorities, and a comfort zone, which, can, either, be real, or not, and/ or, of -…

Why We Need To ALIGN Common Sense, Governing Ideas, With A Meeting – Of – The – Minds?

While, many seem concerned, about the current state, of the American political system, and the potential/ real dangers, to the democratic way – of – life, and, perhaps, to democracy – itself, few seem to place the reasons, where they truly, belong! Unfortunately, we are witnessing, very – little, common sense, and genuine integrity, and this necessity, fails to ALIGN, with seeking a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, especially, one, where, elected officials, are ready, willing and able, to talk – to, rather than, at, each – other, in a well – considered, pragmatic manner! With,…

Why Leaders Must Be In SYNC With Their Stakeholders?

After, over four decades, of personal involvement, in, nearly, everything related to effectively leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, to creating professionally – designed, customized, leadership training/ planning programs, to serving, personally, as a leader, on several occasions, I have come to, strongly, believe, if one wants to be an effective, meaningful, relevant, and sustainable leader, he must consistently, proceed, in – SYNC, with the specific group, he serves and represents! What good does it do, to be trained, only, generally, rather than, in a way, which aligns, with…

The Right Approach to Use an Air Purifier for Best Performance

If you want to stay healthy, we suggest that you keep your indoor air free of harmful elements. According to statistics, indoor air is 500% polluted than the air outside. The problem is that most homeowners ignore the factors that may reduce air quality.

5 Tips To Help You Purchase An Air Purifier For Your Business

Today, businesses around the world are getting back to normal after the pandemic. However, there is still a lot of risk of airborne transmission of bacteria and viruses. Due to wearing a mask and staying away from people, most people have become weaker as far as immunity is concerned.

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