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Benefits of Hiring an Asbestos Removal Company

Asbestos is mostly used as a fire-resistant material in houses and other buildings. They have been in practice since the later 20th century as well. But even if it’s useful in resisting fire – it still is extremely harmful to health and the surrounding.

Refurbishment and Renovation of a Listed Building

If you are a resident of a listed building and have plans to renovate, we suggest that you consider a few things first. For example, you may want to seek approval from a local authority before you start working on this project. If you fail to do so, you may get in trouble, which will cost you a lot of additional money.

Tactics That Succeeded in Games of Junior Australian Football

Queensland has always been regarded by southern states of Australia as a “development” state in terms of Australian Football. The impression one gets from the southerners is that Queenslanders involved in our national game are “beginners” when it comes to coaching. A book was written about the most successful coaches in the Australian Football League competition. As our author read about the tactics they used, he kept saying to himself, I used that or I’ve seen that used in Queensland. Our players might still be developing but our experienced coaches are up there with the best. Included in this article are some tactics the author used successfully with his underage team beginning in the mid-1960s.

How Games Can Be Lost in Junior Australian Football

As a long-time coach of junior footballers in Australian Football working with from under seven years club players to under sixteen years players in the Queensland State Schoolboys team, our author wants to share with emerging coaches some of the reasons why some of my teams lost games that perhaps they ought to have won. Sometimes, it was a mistake I made in planning while other times a player may have failed to follow the team rules. These mistakes were made at all levels that our author coached from his under ten years team, to a regional team and finally his state representative teams.

Game Preparation – The Pregame Address in Australian Football

In 1968, our author was in his second year as the coach of the Queensland state secondary schoolboys team competing in the All Australian National Secondary Schools Football Championships in Melbourne. This article contains the notes he made to speak to the players about or to do prior for our first game in this National Football Carnival. As a young coach then, he now realises, that he most likely spoke for too long and said too many things. He concludes the article by listing some observations he made after the carnival.

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