Best Bread Chaffle Recipes Compared – Six Viewer Submissions, including “Wonder Bread”

I have a lot of people send me recipes that they want me to try out, and a common theme are recipes that claim to be chaffle that works best as bread.

So in this recipe, I compare six recipes that have been submitted to me over the last month, including a cheeseless chaffle (which I get requests for) and a chaffle that was as close to white bread as I could imagine. Links to the recipes are below…

Products used in this video:
Dash Mini Waffle Maker: q
Plunger Whisk: x
Soft Edge Slotted Spatula: b
Cooling Racks: 3

The Recipes:
“Wonder Bread” chaffle (Blah Garcia submission): /
“Sandwich Bread” chaffle (Aaron Bailey submission): /
“Everything Bagel” chaffle (Sissy Can Do It submission): /
“Light Garlic Bread” chaffle (Amy Henderson submission): /
“Best White Bread” chaffle (Diana Butler submission): /
“Burger Bun” chaffle (Dave Watson submision):

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