Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Karen and Eric Berg

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Watch this video to get my healthy and delicious recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

0:00 Healthy chocolate chip cookies
1:32 Tasting the chocolate chip cookies
1:56 How to make keto-friendly chocolate chip cookies
3:02 Bloopers

In this video, we’re going to teach you how to make delicious and healthy chocolate chip cookies. It’s hard to make chocolate chip cookies that taste good and are still keto-friendly and low carb. Getting the consistency right can be tricky. But, we’ve done it.

This is a really easy recipe that we actually got off of the almond flour bag we bought, and Karen Berg just changed it a tiny bit. Almond flour is so easy to get, and it’s an excellent flour alternative. Instead of using brown sugar, Karen uses white powder sweetener with a tiny touch of molasses.

Enjoy these cookies with a meal.

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