Best fudgy keto brownies recipe with almond flour – Only 2g carbs

This video will show you how to make the best keto brownies ever.
Each serving has only 2g net carbs and it’s the perfect keto dessert.
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In my experience, having success with keto baked goods comes from getting the right recipe, the right batter texture, and the baking technique.

And that’s exactly what I show in this video.

Once you gather the ingredients, follow my step-by-step keto brownie recipe video, bake the batter at 350F for exactly 20 minutes.

The top should be still giggly. If you are using a toothpick, it should come out slightly moist.

Depending on the oven, the cooking time may vary. So, keep an eye on the keto brownie from minute 15.

This recipe yields 16 delicious keto brownies servings, each for 2g net carbs.

For these flourless keto brownies, we use almond flour because we want the brownies to be moist and fudgy.

Using coconut flour can work too, but it may result in dry brownies because the coconut flour is more absorbent.

To sweeten the batter, you’ll need any sweetener that is keto-approved.

If you hate avocado keto brownies, this recipe is for you!

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