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Implementing a Business Succession Plan

Effective succession plans share enough essentials to provide a roadmap for determining what needs to be addressed. To create an effective succession plan, the owner must first consider the aptitude of present management; the incentives, if any, that exist to hire and retain good employees; and to determine if any future leaders are already onboard. The successor should not be a mirror image of the current owner. Each has their own skills, ideas, and goals which becomes part of the succession plan and help the business grow. Owners should work with their advisors to establish the talent available and if the qualities of a good leader are obvious.

What Are the Top Three Cartier Female Watches

A description and review of three of Cartier’s finest ladies watches. Covering styles for any budget.

Torah Guidance: Are There Degrees in Suffering and What About Someone Who Doesn’t Suffer?

Until where is the minimum limit of suffering? What is the least amount of pain that is included in the definition of suffering? Rabbi Elazar says: Anyone for whom they wove a garment to wear and the garment does not suit him,…

Torah Guidance: How Can It Be, a Child That Hasn’t Sinned, a Child Snatched From the World?

Torah Guidance: How can it be, a child that hasn’t sinned, suffering from a fatal illness (God forbid); a child snatched from the world? A possible understanding is because he needed to correct something specific from a previous incarnation, and when he completed that (‘tikun’), he returns to his dwelling in the upper world. These souls (‘neshamos’) that come back to this world did very few sins in a prior incarnation.

If a Person Transgressed, Is There Any Way to Avoid the Afflictions?

Torah Guidance: If a person transgressed [a sin that warrants] excision or a death penalty from the court and he does repent. Since his iniquity is not absolved without afflictions, is there any way to avoid the afflictions?

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