This healthy meal is packed with ingredients like Cauliflower, Mushroom & Peppers and protein like Chicken & Egg. Can easily be converted into a vegetarian dish. Perfect for a Keto diet as well.

Here are the ingredients and steps to make this recipe!

4 cups Cauliflower rice
6 sliced Spring Onion bulbs
4 cloves of crushed Garlic
4 oz Chicken breast diced small
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1 cup of mixed peppers
2 tbsps each of dark Soya sauce and Sriracha
1 beaten egg
Spring Onion leaves for garnish


To a wok, add 6 sliced Spring Onion bulbs and 4 cloves of crushed Garlic
Add a few ounces of Chicken breast, you can add Shrimp if you prefer or leave this protein out altogether
Add 1 cup sliced mushrooms and one cup of mixed peppers
Give everything a quick sauté and remove it
Add a bit more oil and add the Cauliflower and let it just sit for a few minutes to get some colour
Add the Chicken and Veggies back in and season with 2 tbsps each of dark Soya sauce and Sriracha
Add one beaten egg, move the rice to one side and scramble the egg right into the wok and mix it (of course if you’re making a veggie version, just leave this out)
Garnish with some spring onion leaves.

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