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Looking for a New Community of Believers

The Covid pandemic gave the world a huge fright. Many people thought it was just a trick, and those who believe in conspiracy theories obviously went crazy.

More Than a Little

The mountains around us are on fire. The fire actually started in Franschhoek, but the wind pushed it across the mountains.

Light a Fire Under Someone

One of my life mottos are: If you really understand what Jesus had done for us on cross, you cannot, out of gratitude, but go and make a difference in other people’s lives. I get a glimpse of, let’s call her Helen’s life.

Let Not Adverse Critiques and Opinions Hinder Your Writing

Don’t allow other opinionated, supposedly erudite, people determine how, and what, you write by their adverse critiques. A person’s fervent desire to write will cultivate, in and of itself, a means of writing improvement, whether it be prose or poetry. Every written expression has value and a person’s appetite for writing will follow a love of the written word through incessant reading and proper revision of what is written. Over time, a person compelled to write will become increasingly better through constant daily writing and prudent revision. Every word that has been written, and will be written, in the form of prose and poetry has had. and will have, the redeeming value placed upon it by the people who write them. What is regarded as trash in one century may be considered treasure in a subsequent century. This has historically been proven true again and again.

What Research Recommends For Acute And Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief

Clinical guidelines are created by healthcare practitioners and researchers to assist practitioners and patients for care with specific health conditions. Because lower back pain is a significant problem in western society, clinical guidelines have been developed to help advise appropriate treatment. This article will discuss clinical guidelines for health providers and patients seeking low back pain relief and a promising approach to bring safe, cost-effective, acute and chronic musculoskeletal-back discomfort relief to the general public.

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