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Preventive Cancer Care

Millions of people in the world lose their life to cancer every year. However, it is not an untreatable disease. Preventive Cancer care can treat cancer at an early stage.

Why Banks Are Looking for Blockchain Based Payment Systems

When Bitcoin first emerged on the scene as an alternative to traditional banking systems, few would have imagined that banks would use the underlying technology to improve their internal systems. Today that dream is much closer to being realised than it was ten years ago. In the past ten years, a lot has changed from the attitude of investors and institutions, and at the very least the word blockchain is familiar to anyone who has not been living under a rock.

Sellist: Select Your List, Build Your Business and Connect With People

About Sellist is a service oriented social network that operates via website. The Sellist website was founded in September 2017.This service is mainly used for creating a platform for unemployment sector, including creating own online business, posting a deal, having discussions or doing online trade.

Title: Sport Scholarships in America

Are you wondering who actually receives those inquiry e-mails you’re sending? What face belongs to that friendly voice on the phone?Former NCAA D1 athlete Fraser Gibson founded United Sports USA in 2009. Since then, with the help of his dedicated teammembers,he has placed hundreds of young boys and girls at universities and colleges in the United States as student-athletes.

Liver Transplant – Myths and Facts

The best is to protect your liver from developing cirrhosis. Even if you develop cirrhosis, it is not the death sentence nowadays and you can still expect to survive a functional life with good quality after a liver transplant.

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