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9 Key Skills or Characteristics That Define A Really Great Public Speaker

Public speaking can be categorized as both an art, a science, and a skill. Good public speaking skills are revered in every aspect of the world, ranging from academia, social events to political spheres. The following are some of the key ingredients and elements that define a great public speaker: 1.

The Foamy Layers!

In my hurry to have a gentlemanly shave I ignored the instructions written on one side of the long-shaped round plastic bottle. As usual, I pressed out a little gel on my shaving brush and went ahead with the usual mechanisms. It was an absolute disaster…

You Can Do The Hard Things

In life, we are constantly tempted to take “the path of least resistence” because, well, it’s the easiest and usually the quickest way. But easy does not translate to better nor does it translate to growth. Easy translates to lazy. And, when it comes to our health, lazy translates to disease and “advanced-aging.”

How Do You Get Your Business Out Of a Rut?

Entrepreneurship is not for the weak! The emotional rollercoaster is full of highs and lows. And managing and motivating your team needs a consistent positive demeanor. As a result, having ways to get yourself from these lows is crucial.

A Beginner Guide To Different Carpet Types

A broad overview of the different types of carpets available for home improvement. From shaggy carpets to solid area rugs with borders, we are sure you will find some useful information.

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