Easy Beef Oxtail Curry Recipe without Coconut | KETO | Sri Lankan Spicy Dish

Here is the best way to cook an easy beef oxtail curry recipe without coconut milk. It is a keto-friendly dish, thus any keto diet people can have this. Beef oxtail is healthier than general beef meat. When you have a chance to buy beef oxtail, don’t miss this delicious and spicy beef oxtail curry dish.

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1. I instantly made garlic and ginger paste. If it is hard, use the bottled one.
2. If you don’t like more spiciness, reduce the amount of curry powder.
3. The longer you cook the beef oxtail, the tenderer it becomes.
4. If you want a thick gravy, reduce the amount of water.

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Kitchen Utensils for this Recipe:
Large Skillet – 1
Butcher Knife – A
Cutting Board – b
Himalayan Pink Salt – x
Organic Coconut Oil – o

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