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Torah Guidance: Dreams and Their Meanings

Torah Guidance: Dreams and their Meanings Three dreams come true. A morning dream, a dream that one fellow had about him and a dream that was interpreted inside the dream; and some say even a dream that was repeated. If one who sees a dream and his soul grieves, he should tell it (over) in the presence of three people that love him.

Different Types Of Hydraulic Cylinders & Their Applications

By your industrial requirements, many different kinds of hydraulic cylinders may be used in your intended application. Single and double action weld rod cylinders, single and double-acting telescopic cylinders and custom cylinders are some of the most popular kinds manufactured by hydraulic cylinders manufacturers and used in the business.

The Don’ts of Worry, Stress and Anxiety

Do you still worry about the pandemic brought by the Corona Virus Disease? Has it stressed you for so long? Are you anxious about what’s coming up next?

Fundamental Rethinking Of Federal Education Policy

Now is the time to begin a focused discussion of education reform at the national level and that this discussion should be rooted in an appreciation of and understanding of the reform successes among the states. Washington, in other words, can learn a great deal from what has happened to education among the states and should look to the states for ideas and solutions. That would be a profound transformation in a set of policies and programs that have signaled to states that ideas – and rules – flow from Washington.

Shantytown Poem (Anonymous)

A poem about oppression during Apartheid in South Africa. Jabavu township in Soweto, Johannesburg, is referenced in this poem.

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