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The Day I Made An Excuse That Almost Failed

My parents seemed to buy it and I thought I successfully evaded the consequences. Next day, while we were going for the tuition, I boasted about my presence of mind to Vinesh and explained to him how I made this quick excuse the night before. I hadn’t even finished telling him before he suddenly pointed out to me, “We were on bicycles, you idiot.”

What Are Some Typical Compromises Involved In Indian Marriages

As much as people want to get married to someone they have been in love with for a long time, there is still a vast majority of people who prefer arranged marriage after they are done with love and dating. In fact, while dating someone, many have a clear idea in their minds that this is a temporary phase of life and when they decide to settle down permanently, they opt for an arranged marriage.

Why Being Alone Is The Most Awesome Thing In The World

Life has its unique ways of teaching those who are not wise enough to perceive things the way they are instead of what they should be, for their own emotional comfort. It seemed like a big deal at that time but it was just a reality check I was faced with. I learned to stop being pathetic, being at somebody else’s mercy.

Why You Must Avoid Letting People Take Your Kindness For Granted

You used to be golf player; good or bad – doesn’t really matter, but the important thing is you were a golf player and were playing your own game. Then one day, you saw another player struggling with his bag and clubs. You left your game in the middle and ran to become that player’s caddie.

How A Panchayat Killed Innocence And Dreams Of A Lifetime

Everybody was happy and satisfied with the judgment. The girl looked at her parents who were still not able to look straight, obviously too ashamed of their daughter’s immoral act. What can possibly be more shameful than choosing your own life partner?

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