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5 Reasons It Should Be One’s Responsibility To Get Vaccinated!

After, millions, in this country, were infected, with the virus, and hundreds of thousands, lost their lives, wouldn’t it make sense, that any sane person, would be encouraged by the possibility of creating a real – path – back, from this horrific pandemic, and welcome a substantially – tested, and successful vaccine? Unfortunately, like, so many other aspects of today’s world, even, an issue, as significant as common sense, public health, has become, another, political – football! There are many reasons, the vast number of people, should get vaccinated, since, there are very few, with any, actual, medical, and/ or,…

5 Possible Keys To Address Inflationary Trends!

For a variety of reasons, the United States, as well as nearly, all of the rest of the world, are experiencing the highest rate/ pace of inflation, in recent memory! Some of this is related to the ramifications, of the pandemic, and the associated shutdowns, and other financial matters! Some pre – dated that, and perhaps, was a result of the so – called, tax reform legislation, passed towards the end of 2017, which, instead of, predominantly, benefiting the middle – class, as promoted, benefited to wealthiest individuals, and largest, richest corporations.

How Leaders Should Determine Their METHODS?

Although, there is no – such – thing, as, one – size – fits – all, when it comes to effective, quality leadership, I have come to strongly believe, based on over four decades of personal involvement, in, nearly, everything related to effectively, leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing and consulting to over a thousand, actual, and/ or, potential leaders, as well as serving, personally, as a leader, on several occasions, in order to be a great one, an individual must become accustomed to his options, and determine, which METHODS, make the most sense, in terms of achieving the finest…

Quitting Is Easy. But Today Is Not the Day to Give Up

Consider the last time you were faced with a challenge, something you did not plan for or expect to occur. It could have involved something personal, in which you had one of two choices to make. The first was to accept what was happening to you, quit making any effort to address it, and not allow yourself to feel any sense of hope. The alternative was to find a way of addressing and managing the issue, even if there was little you could do to control it. Which did you choose?

5 Reasons Some Politicians Oppose Build – Back Better!

One of the key reasons, so many Americans are disillusioned, and, fed – up, with politics, politicians, and the lack of any real progress, ever, achieved, is, they consistently, observe, even, issues, which should be, bi – partisan, and, would appear to be, common sense, because they serve the overwhelming, greater good, rarely, get achieved! Why do so many politicians, especially, Republicans, oppose, the proposed, Build – Back Better, proposals, even, though, polls indicate, the vast majority of Americans, support it? I’m mad as hell, and not going to take it, anymore!

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