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Collateral Damage!

In a routine exercise one junior executive came into the chamber of a senior executive around noon with some important files for approval. The two were always on friendly terms and the junior, ignoring the gloomy face that the senior wore at that particular moment, greeted him warmly and sat down in one of the chairs lined up in front. The senior who seemed to be immersed in a bunch of documents looked up abruptly and nearly shouted out, “Who asked you to sit down? Keep standing till I say otherwise!”…

Choosing and Changing Your Destiny, Parental Conditioning and Free Will

This article is about the things you can change and the things you may like to consider accepting because you can’t change them. Most of all, it’s about the wisdom to know the difference. The argument Nature vs Nurture is so old and poses so many questions: Is my life pre-destined? Or were my choices programmed by my parents through the conditioning experiences of my early upbringing? Most importantly, do I have any free will at all? The answer to all of these questions is Yes, Yes and Yes. Life is one third destiny, one third parental conditioning and, of course, one third free will. In what follows, I explain how that works and how all of life can gradually be transformed into 100% free will.

Trapped By The Game That’s Played

In the United States too many Americans living today are facing realities that have already been played out before. We would have thought that in this 21st century contingencies of a bye-gone era would belong to the past. Yet, here we are.

Revisit the Rest Stops

A good friend opened her heart asking us to pray for her: I’m feeling very down today. I’m so worried.

Open the Door to a Watershed Event

A minister was criticised quite badly once for tearing a few pages from the Bible while preaching. The churchgoers were very upset, which is understandable.

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