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Applying for a Super Visa for Canada?

When applying for a Super Visa to visit Canada, many people are concerned about being approved. The application process can be stressful for many people but it doesn’t have to be this way. The main question that immigration offers have when processing applications is whether a person will return to their home country after their trip. This is especially a concern when a person from an underdeveloped country applies as many of them want to stay in Canada.

Depression in the Pastorate

Preface A few months ago God had me minister on an unfamiliar topic of depression. This depression is not just a mental ill that affects the society but the Pastorate. Over the pass few days a lot of news surrounding suicide have not just grip the communities we live also the Pastorate too.

Prior Authorization, The Initial Step To Holistic Revenue Cycle Management

Explaining the essence of Prior Authorization, the beginning verification procedure between the patient, provider and the payer and that starts the process of medical Revenue Cycle Management in the medicine industry around the world. Prior Authorization is the basis of Medical Revenue Cycle Management, which determines a smooth flow of cash in exchange of medical services, ensuring sound medical practice, unaccumulated unpaid accounts and a healthy patient, provider and payer nexus.

NYC Internships for High Schoolers Interested in Politics

If you’re young and interested in politics, this is the post for you! Below is a list of internships for young politicos out there, who may not want to intern for an elected official.

7 Tips For Success To De-Stress

Stress relief is often a pipe dream, something that seems unobtainable–we just don’t have enough time! But with these 7 easy tips you may find reducing your stress is something that can be achieved.

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