Keto Beef and Broccoli | Eric and Karen Berg

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Skip the Chinese takeout and try this healthy and delicious keto beef and broccoli recipe instead!

0:00 Keto beef and broccoli
1:50 Tasting the keto beef and broccoli
2:48 How to make beef and broccoli

In this video, we’re going to share a delicious keto beef and broccoli recipe. This is really a fantastic combination. This keto recipe is super tasty, loaded with health benefits, and is completely keto-friendly.

Broccoli, of course, is really good for the body. But, you don’t want to overcook the broccoli. Some people like to cook their broccoli until it’s like mush. It may be much more beneficial to consume broccoli raw or have it chopped and then lightly cooked. This helps make sure the broccoli retains its phytonutrients, which have many health benefits.

We hope you enjoy this delicious recipe for keto beef and broccoli. Thanks for watching!

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