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Keto Beef and Pepper Stir Fry is another basic Chinese stir fry dish, which nobody can dislike. Frankly I think that some of the Oriental sauces or ingredients itself have made your life so easy as a cook. They are absolutely delicious and you can hardly ever mess the dish up. Whereas in case of Indian food, there are way too many spices and traditionally it is always made from scratch. So changing any of the proportions ccan sometimes put the dish off balance. Anyway I do not want to sound like a complaint box. I love cooking and I don’t care if it is Indian, Chinese or Ethiopian.

So coming back to this Meat and pepper stir fry. It si simple, quick as all Chinese food is and needless to say delicious. I have used Baking powder in the marinate, which make the meat tender and the coating keeps it tender even while cooking. If this is done right even salt and pepper can make it taste good. Of course I was not going to share such a basic dish with you, so I added some oyster sauce lol. Well even if it is a simple preparation you are going to love it. Give it a try and let me know in the comments. Happy cooking!

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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet: (mine)

Indian (Cheaper): p

Oyster Sauce: l

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Macros: Sevings 2

Calories: 409

Fat: 26

Net Carbs: 5

Protein: 37

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